LinkedIn Video Is The Answer To Better Marketing Results

August 21, 2020
LinkedIn Video Is The Answer To Better Marketing Results

What is LinkedIn

People are often left confused by what LinkedIn actually is and how it is classed as a social media platform. The easiest way to remember it is by remembering it as ‘Business Facebook’. According to the LinkedIn website; this social media platform is a professional area of individuals to network and find the perfect job/internship. Alongside this, LinkedIn is a professional area where individuals can share photos and videos and join groups in order to spread their connections. Studies have expressed that LinkedIn was rated at number 1 for being the best area to find your new job and was also rated number 1 for business to business (B2B) lead generation. Scottish Borders businesses should utilise the opportunities that LinkedIn marketing can offer and create a community of professionals in the surrounding area.

LinkedIn Marketing Capabilities

Despite being an area for individuals to connect and discover new employment, LinkedIn can be a great area of companies to deliver their marketing efforts. With LinkedIn being a ‘business Facebook’ it allows for your company to provide updates and release promotional content that will be perceived by professional individuals. Remember – despite this being on a professional social media platform, normal marketing procedures should still be followed… for example: using keywords, being relevant, producing engaging content and delivering a variety of media. Ways in which your company can create a flow of different content could be through sharing a range of different posts, promotional videos, sharing content and utilising the LinkedIn video feature. You should consider this when doing your web design so that it allows for the fields to share the pages well.

According to LinkedIn using video ads can:

  1. Build brand awareness amongst other professionals.
  2. Drive qualified leads and attract customers.
  3. Measure how well your video performed and the impact it had.

LinkedIn Videos

Using videos on a platform like LinkedIn allows you to do more talking in a creative way. Videos enable your company to come to life and enlighten a spark within the message portrayed. Whatever your marketing goal, creating video content on LinkedIn can help you achieve your target. LinkedIn provides guidance on how individuals can fully utilise the potential that can accumulate as a result of creating video campaigns meaning that your videos are guaranteed to engage a valuable audience. LinkedIn videos are said to be more likely than any other content delivered on the channel to be popular amongst LinkedIn members and kick start an interaction. This is as a result of videos not involving a large amount of reading and contact - users simply need to press play and just watch… they are easily digested. Many professionals watch LinkedIn videos rather than read general posts as builds brand awareness and tells a story about your company – it is much easier to watch this rather than read it. For example: take your marketing methods to the next level with your upcoming event by creating a promotional video that encapsulates where the occasion will be taking place, creating a hype and giving customers a clearer idea of what they will be experiencing by allowing them to picture themselves there. Much better than just a regular leaflet or social media post, right?

According to Hootsuite, in LinkedIn’s first year of offering the ability to produce video marketing the site generated more than 300 million impressions as well as experiencing over three times the amount of engagement within original posts. LinkedIn is fully aware of the power that videos have by proving to be more engaging within individuals and so should you! Let’s look at the outbreak of COVID-19. Social media is completely saturated with posts regarding the outbreak and how different businesses in the Borders are tackling it. Want to stand out? Create an animated video that displays this information but in a light heartened approach that viewers are able to easily absorb. This will benefit your company as customers can effortlessly attain this information (that is valuable) without needing to read volumes of information.

In summary, it is very apparent that LinkedIn has the ability to connect professionals together and be used as a platform to effectively market your company. However, LinkedIn can be underestimated for its ability to create promotional content through the implementation of videos. There has been proven studies that have expressed that LinkedIn videos perform better than general posts and are guaranteed to increase the engagement in your message alongside maximising your ROI.

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