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Local Web Design Benefits

September 17, 2020
Local Web Design Benefits

There are many ways to get a website and it is not hard to Google them. But what we find from clients that come to us is that a lot of options lack the local element and this causes all sorts of issues. So let's dive into web design and see.

What are the main 3 options for web design?

  1. Using a drag and drop editor like Wix will allow you to quickly and very cheaply build / launch a website. You don't need anyone else involved, in theory, and you can get it done in your own time. The benefits are obvious: cheap and you control it yourself. The drawbacks to this are that it is impossible for one person to have all the skills. You can't be great at design, content writing, building a website and marketing. It's just too many different skill sets. The other drawback is the technical limitations on these platforms. You have to work within the framework and there are no customisations, which can make your site look like many others and a little unprofessional in some instances. This solution has a place for people with low budgets and a simple requirement.
  2. The next option is to use cheap resource aboard, normally done through freelance websites like PeoplePerHour. The positives to these are that on the face of it you get specialists working at very low rates. Which sounds great. The downsides to this are you normally get less commitment from them as they are so distant from you, lots of them promise what they cannot deliver, many people are just sales people aboard and not actually doing the work themselves and if you are using multiple people for different skills (design and development) then you may find it hard to communicate from one to the other. You also have no way to control the backend code they produce making it hard in the future for further development and there is no guarantee they will be available to help you next time. I have met a lot of clients that have tried this and failed, ending up starting projects from scratch. There are also success stories as well, but this is the gamble you take. A lot of it comes down to your experience in being able to pick the correct people and manage them. The less experience you have the bigger the gamble.
  3. The third options is you use a local company with the main skills you need. I obviously think this is the best option as I run my business using this model but let me tell you why. Face to face meetings are possible and can resolve so much more than video calls and voice calls sometimes. I try and work with local companies to help the local economy as well, the better we all do, the better the environment is for us all to live in. So working with local companies helps us all. You have local reviews from local people to show they can deliver what they promise. If you have a proactive and engaged local company they will also find you the best solution, rather than just giving you what everyone else has. What you will also find is that local companies are more committed as well, there is a sense of knowing the people and businesses and its harder to hide from. Your neck is on the line more. That rapor, relationship and work ethos from a local company can not be swapped out with the above two approaches. But there are drawbacks, it will be more expensive than option one and two in most instances but you pay for what you get.

I hope this helps you and also shows why we do what we do. Any questions give us a call.

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