August 21, 2020

It is crucial in order to stay relevant and popular amongst competitors that your website remains up to date with the latest trends. This can be done through replicating a trending layout or by incorporating different colours and elements into your design. It all comes down to keeping the website modern and up to date, allowing you to remain a market professional. For many years now, a minimalistic approach to web design has been on trend and it doesn’t look to be shifting any time soon. Nevertheless, each year web designs are faced with many different trends that businesses are sure to follow, these are for example:

  • In 2017 we saw the comeback of incorporating the use of ‘gradients’ into web design. Adding gradients allowed for a striking element to be added to a website, making it stand out towards its viewers.
  • In 2018 we saw the increased implementation of ‘chatbots’ – adding an interactive element to your website and granting viewers the opportunity to seek further assistance.
  • In 2019 we saw the rebranding of company logos on their website to adapt a more ‘sans serif’ look. This rebranding allowed companies to stay up to date with the current trends, as modernisation of websites was increasing and has stayed like that ever since.

Linking to the above, website trends have saw a constant patter throughout the years… modernisation. This is done through adopting a minimalistic approach and has been a common trend in website design, remaining persistent through 2020. Minimalism involves stripping everything back to basics through condensing the information and adapting a ‘sans serif’ type font. This guarantees that the information displayed will be the focal point as there is less ‘clutter’ distracting the reader. An example of an award winning website that delivers a modern, minimalistic vibe is ‘Waka Waka’ – a handcrafted wood furniture website. It is clean, embodies large text as well as oversized elements and includes large areas of whitespace… a perfect example for this trend.


Alongside the constant trend of minimalism, 2020 has seen other trends that companies have jumped on, these are:

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode has been emerging since late 2019 and was correctly anticipated to be a top trend in 2020. With dark mode delivering a sleek and elegant image, the trend delivers a pleasing aesthetic, but also promotes health care benefits allowing individuals to switch from bright, light screens to a darker viewing – reducing the experience of dry and itchy eyes. Alongside this, dark side is also commonly known for saving your battery life. For example, iPhone users have been utilising the recent feature by switching to dark mode and not only reducing the harm to their eyes, but also saving their phone battery. The dark mode trend has had a positive impact as individuals have declared that they want to see more websites operating this trendy aesthetic, so designers are following… and rightly so!

2. Bold Typography

Be bold and stand out. Tying in with the minimalistic approach another trend of 2020 that website designers are featuring is bold typography. Designed to stand out and grab the attention of viewers, this is a clever marketing technique that will increase the engagement with your company’s message. Bold typography can be expressed in large letter and even oddly spaced text… whatever it is, it is bound to gain the attention of your viewer. Despite being large and consuming a lot of the web page, bold typography has the ability to exemplify a minimalistic vibe and be extremely engaging to a viewer.  

3. Whitespace

Following on with the minimalistic theme (clearly an extremely relevant aesthetic approach to web design) there is ‘Whitespace’. Simply, this refers to the amount of whitespace between the different elements on a web page. An award winning example that integrates a large volume of whitespace would be the ‘MiAgency’ theme provided by WordPress – meaning you can incorporate this design into your website too. Having areas of whitespace refers back to the meaning of minimalism - by stripping back and not cluttering a web page. Having sufficient whitespace allows for individuals to take all of the relevant information in and be guided through the web page efficiently. It gives an elegant and calming vibe and is guaranteed to ensure that the focal point of your website is being correctly perceived.


4. 3D Elements

Adding 3D features to your web design not only gives the impression that you are a market professional, but gives a greater sense of realism to your design. This isn’t just a trend coming into 2020, but a trend that has been around for about a decade now and is anticipated to be used even more in this forthcoming decade. Within 3D elements is different concepts, for example: 3D Florescent Digital Artwork is a version of this trend that should be utilised throughout a minimalistic web design. Incorporating bright, luminous colours throughout a contemporary design adds a striking element of brightness; attracting your customers. The key theme throughout all of these trends is assuring that you are incorporating a web design that is going to be striking and eye catching to your viewers.

5. Elements Overlapping

Add depth to your website by incorporating overlapping elements. Doing this will give your website a bold persona and allow it to stand out and be eye catching for the viewer. Whilst you can overlap text, images, boxes and backgrounds for example, it is crucial to ensure that it all flows and doesn’t look cluttered and thrown together. You need to have a process with your overlapping of elements and incorporate techniques like adding images to different boxes and overlapping relevant text for example. Overlapping your elements allows for your webpage to give off a ‘fun’ presence as it isn’t a strict design and customers will involve themselves more with a website that delivers a creative identity.  

It is evident that 2020 is the year of ‘minimalism’. Adopting clear, light website designs with basic and bold fonts that pose pleasing to the viewer’s eye. Of course, the minimalistic approach has been around for a few years now, but it isn’t backing down in 2020. This year we have seen a lot more companies stripping back their webpages and incorporating the clearer style, perhaps adding pops of bright colour in order to be striking towards their viewers and hopping on various other trends like ‘dark mode’ in order to stay relevant and ahead of competitors. It is clear that this year has offered a more ‘basic’ approach to design, however, viewer’s attention is still grabbed and engagement is still high.

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