The Importance of Communications - Getting your business back to normal after Covid-19

August 27, 2020
The Importance of Communications - Getting your business back to normal after Covid-19

Following a webinar with the FSB I have pulled together a short video going through the presentation on The Importance of Communications - Getting your business back to normal after Covid-19. Any questions or if you want an online meeting to discuss just let me know.


There is no doubt that the return of businesses after COVID-19 can seem daunting and a struggle, but this video presentation looks over all the points that you need to take into account to allow your business to strive. The key theme carried out is communication.

Firstly, you must correctly communicate with your customers and fill them with loyalty. It is important to be aware that individuals will be feeling uncertainty coming back to your business after the pandemic due to the changes that will be implemented. Using communication methods that you have used before is important as that is what your customers are used to and what works best for you, however, if you need to expand and use different methods of communications it could be useful to consider other aspects like phoning individuals and email marketing, for example. A key point is to make sure that whatever communication method you use is appropriate to your brand and target market.

Furthermore, you must analyse which communications have been successful and if that can work for your return post pandemic. If you used the social media channel 'Twitter' before but never got much success from it then don't use it now. It is important to use communications that are going to work for your company and to not waste time and budgets on something that hasn't worked in the past. Having the channels that work best for you will result in having less to manage meaning higher work productivity.

It is touched on in the presentation about the importance of planning. Planning will allow for consistency and that enables confidence within your customers. If you plan effectively and put a lot of thought into the return of your business it will allow for less errors and confusion within your customers which will ultimately install loyalty.

After you have nailed the planning of your businesses return, it is important to identify your brands tone. Do you either opt a professional or bubbly tone, for example? Whatever it is you need to choose one direction and consistently implement this tone to allow individuals to feel like they are receiving a message from your business and not multiple different people. Again, this refers back to consistency which installs confidence.

Next, it is crucial to learn how to deal with negative communications. The most important thing to do is to process the comment and to take it offline (getting in touch with the customer and provide them with great customer service in order to resolve the issue). Once the issue has been resolved you can respond to the negative comment and detail that this has now been resolved and the customer is no longer unhappy. Ultimately, this is turning a negative into a positive and showing potential customers that you are a market professional and take ownership in order to overcome hurdles.

Finally, it is important to embrace these changes and take them in your stride. These changes could take your business to the next level. For example, many businesses are creating e-commerce sites to allow their customers to still attain their favourite products despite not being able to access the store.

In summary, this video presentation gives you as a company the advice in order to come back from COVID-19 stronger than ever and enable growth.

But remember: plan, communicate, be consistent and embrace the changes!

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