Video Technology To Supercharge Your Marketing

August 21, 2020
Video Technology To Supercharge Your Marketing

This is a two step way to supercharge your marketing, with little effort and improved efficiency. This relates to service companies more than anything but it does impact multiple other industries.

When people mention video for marketing the first thing they think about, normally, is a video for people to watch and that's not a bad thing to do. But I want to get your mind thinking a little different.

Video can be used as a great call to action. People like quick answers, real people and a sense of empathy. Video is the perfect way to do this, and now is the time. Not only that we can save a heap of mileage from traveling around the Scottish Borders countryside.

Why is now the time?

Through the pandemic people have been forced to used video calling to see the ones they love and also for work related communications. So people feel more comfortable with it than ever before. So let's use this to make your marketing more efficient and also more impactful.

Why is it more efficient?

In many businesses the key to a sale is meeting a potential customer and this takes time and sometimes travel. Video calling takes this away. You still get the face to face but you don't have the wasted time around it, making it super effective. It is much more engaging than a call but less time consuming than meeting in person. A win win for everyone involved. Also video is easy to load to your website with modern technology available, so if you don't know how then contact your web design company to find out.

How is this going to convert into more sales?

When someone comes onto your website they are looking for information, correct? Once they find what they are looking for they are then ready to take an action. They either use that information to do something (maybe act on the information from a blog post) or they engage with your business in some way. We always strive for the engagement, even if its just to get them to sign up for updates or follow the Facebook page.

The more engagement there is the more likely they are to buy, when they are ready.

What we can do with video to help with that engagement is two fold:

  1. On service pages have a call to action for the user to be able to book a video call with you, make it easy and quick for them. This way there is little commitment from them, but enough so they feel the personal connection. As mentioned above this is a win win from an efficiency and engagement front.
  2. Have video recorded and loaded to the website for people to engage with, it's easier to walk a 90 second video than it is to read a page of text. So make it easy for the users. Also for more detailed video you can have some form of sign up so you can gather marketing data.

Video conclusion

The technology is available, it is used widely and people are ready as the pandemic has forced this. So let's keep the momentum going and supercharge your marketing efforts.

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