Frequently asked questions

Q. What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and it is all about getting your website to rank / show up in Google when people search for your products or services.

Q. Should I speak to a marketer before starting the design of my new website?

In theory it should all start with the marketer as their knowledge and experience will lead you to set out achievable goals. With us you don't need to worry, we will make sure that this is done from the beginning.

Q. I have a marketer in my business so why do I need to use you?

One person might not have all the skills you need. Even in our team there are multiple experts combining different skill sets. Technical, creative, video production, promoting and content creation skills. We help building a better team for you, not replace people you already have.

Q. We have small budgets, can you help?

Yes, we can! We work with large and small budgets. We try to get the most out of any budget. Chat to Jonathan for further information.

Q. Do you align the marketing services with our sales team?

We have experience doing this as it's key to ensure the conversion rates are as high as possible. This is an exciting part of the work as it allows you get the most out of all the efforts.

Q. Can you help market our website even if you have not built it?

Yes, we work with companies that have their own website designer and we just do marketing services. This is no issue at all.

Q. Should I be doing offline marketing?

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Your marketing mix should be designed to enable you to meet your objectives. The best approach is to speak with Jonathan to clear any doubts.

Q. Can I set up Google advertising myself?

Yes, you can but should you? Probably not unless you have experience. It is easy to waste a lot of money on advertising if it is set up incorrectly; potentially leading to a negative impact on your brand.

Q. How long does it take marketing to work before my sales increase?

This is not an exact science so it really depends. Sometimes, we see almost overnight results and other times it's a 12 month campaign to raise awareness. We use all the tools available to get the results you need and we can discuss how long it would take to notice an impact.

Q. How much can marketing services cost every month?

It all depends on what your business needs. We charge by the hour or day, the more time it takes and the more it will costs. In some cases, there are also advertising and other 3rd party costs to add.

Q. If we have a marketing retainer can we use it on any service?

Yes, generally each month the work required changes a little and we can mix and match the services to fit the budget. If we need further budget to fulfil your requests we will speak to you before we do the work.

Q. Do you have a long lead time to start projects?

Not generally, we plan things in and manage the workload as required to ensure work is being delivered in a reasonable timeframe.

Q. I hate social media but should I be doing it?

If your users / customers are on it then we would say yes. However, before diving in, speak with Jonathan for some advice! It's not always a black and white answer.

Q. Do I need a creative campaign?

Many people miss this stage out but if you are really trying to push your marketing then a creative idea and campaign can hold it all together. This helps engage and relate with your audience. Marketing in the Scottish Borders enables you to have many options to roll this out.

Q. Can you build our new website and support our marketing?

Yes, we are marketing led but we have all the skills to build your website. Website design in the Scottish Borders is one of our core services. See our gallery for example work.

Q. Will I be able to see how many sales have been gained directly from the marketing?

Sure, we can help establish a specific process to do that. We can use platforms that pull this data together to see the impact of every marketing stream.

Q. What is more important - the website, social media or Google?

There is no universal answer. It all depends what you are trying to achieve. Generally speaking, the most important factor is the website itself. You have full control of it and it can impact both Google and social media. Reach to Jonathan to know more!

Q. Do you have experience working on advanced eCommerce sites?

Yes, we have worked on websites with millions of pages and other eCommerce sites with over 10,000 products. That is our cup of tea!

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