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We offer a monthly mentoring package to help businesses grow and progress without having much larger overheads. This was developed as many companies have resources available that are part of their marketing campaign but they need some support in specific areas. There are so many aspects to marketing that often a small marketing team or individual just needs a little extra guidance on a monthly basis.

The goal

Each month we will work together to help you achieve the objectives set out at the start. The idea is that the team will work with you to help with any roadblocks, give training or work through specific issues you have been facing. We will coach you along the way so the next time the same issue comes up you have the ability to overcome it and approach the tasks more confidently.

The structure

  • A monthly meeting to review progresses and give guidance, hosted at the Boxclever Marketing office in Kelso or onsite at your office. This is generally done with the marketing team / person.
  • A quarterly review meeting to ensure progress is on target for the overall goals for the business, this is generally done with the senior management team / owner and the marketing team / person.
  • General guidance through the month will be given over email or phone.
  • Auditing is an option as well, to ensure that things are being fully optimised, maintained on brand and efficiently tracked.
  • Training sessions can be planned or simply be part of the monthly meeting.

The cost

Prices start at £100+VAT per month. On request, we quote this service based on:

  • Training requirements
  • Volume of support
  • The number of people in the team requiring mentoring/support
  • Any additional services required
  • The location of the monthly/quarterly review meetings

Please use the following form or contact details to get in touch and find out more. Jonathan will be happy to chat you through the options.

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