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We are just in the process of setting up monthly marketing events to help you get moving.

The detail

  • The events will be topic driven, different every month, topics which will be decided based on your feedback.
  • Every company attending will get a personalised action plan to take away!
  • One to one meetings are also available throughout the day for those who have specific issues and look for guidance.
  • The sessions will be two hours long which will be repeated 4 times through the day. This is to allow total time flexibility, no matter what times you can make, there will be a session available for you!

The marketing sessions will be split into two halves:

  1. A topic driven, interactive, presentation session lasting one hour.
  2. A personalised one hour session based on the businesses at the session, to develop action plans and insight to help each business move forward. Tangible actions will be given to help your marketing efforts reap more rewards.

The events info are coming very soon, please sign up below to get notified.

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Phone: 07734054156