Frequently asked questions

Q. Will I be able to edit the website?

Yes, we use a very simple and intuitive content management platform (CMS) which allows you to quickly and easily change text, images and add blog posts or products.

Q. Will my website display in Google?

All our websites are built with Google and SEO in mind. Google will be able to read and display your website in its results.

If you want to rank for competitive keywords though there will be more work to do, Jonathan will be more than happy to help with that!

Q. Do I need to fully re-do my website or can I do a more minor refresh?

We are here to accommodate your business' necessities. If you just need to run some updates and tweak a few things this is possible. What we suggest it having a chat with Jonathan about it.

Q. What is the difference between a website design company and a marketing company?

The approach generally. Many website companies will go through a design and build process based on the information you give them. A marketing company will generally try to question your thinking to ensure it is correct before going into the design and build. The benefit to this is that your website is far more likely to succeed with its objective.

Q. Will the website be based on a template or be a designed just for me?

Generally speaking everything we do is a custom design and build. Additionally, thanks to our processes and platforms we use, we can provide this service at the same costs as many companies building template based websites. The issue with a template is it generally runs slowly and isn't properly set up for you. We can do better than that.

Q. Can I start with a simple website and add ecommerce later?

Yes, you can. However, it is best to make sure to have clear intentions from the start. There are certain elements that would impact the initial build if the designer is aware that an ecommerce site will follow.

Q. Will the website work on my mobile?

Yes, no problem! We test our websites on all device sizes to ensure it provides the best user interface and experience, running as you would expect.

Q. Will I be able to use the existing content on my current website?

Many people do this as a starting point and then tweak it once the design stage is done. Ultimately the answer is yes.

Q. Do I have to create the content or can you help?

If you want to, you are more than welcome to produce your own content. However, if you would like an expert producing it or just supervising the content creation process, we have a content writer in our team that can work with you to do as such.

Q. Can I get the design done by you and get my current web developer to build the website?

Yes, we have worked with clients and other agencies to just provide design. No problem!

Q. Whats the difference between a website designer and a website developer?

A designer takes care of the look and feel; the developer actually builds and codes the website. Some developers claim to design as well but it is a different skill set. We would advise having a website that is design lead not developer lead.

Q. Can my website have animation on it?

Yes indeed! It brings the whole site to life and we love to add it in to enhance the build and user experience. Just keeping in mind to have the right balance.

Q. Will I be able to be involved with the design?

Of course, we motivate you to have an input to the design, our services are totally tailored to your needs and visions. You know your customers, it is important you get involved!

Q. Will my booking system work with the new website?

Most modern booking systems use a widget type set up to allow you to display your booking facility on your website. It all depends on your booking system but most of the main ones allow this and we can accommodate it.

Q. What support is available once the website is live?

Everything you need and more! We can help generate content for the blog, make minor tweaks to the website to follow trends and rankings, run marketing services, design brochures etc. Whatever you need we can support, you are not alone.

Q. Why shouldn't I use WIX?

In one word, "limitations". If you need a quick fix, a website to just display contact details then go and use wix. If you want a website that will actually help drive your business forward then give us a call.

Q. Will I be able to use Google Analytics?

Yes, we will work with Google analytics and any other analytics tools you want to use. Website design in the Scottish Borders is always better when you can see and track what is happening on your website.

Q. Do I need to update my website every month once it is live?

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Adding blogs / portfolio works on a monthly / weekly basis will help with user engagement and Google rankings. If you have a simple brochure site this might not be needed. Just chat to Jonathan and he will point you in the right direction!

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